- March 7 -

Starbucks has opened a concept store in Amsterdam that will determine how other shops around Europe will look. The large, open space is multi-level and multi-functional with the hopes that cultural events will take place there. The walls are adorned with wood and recycled materials such as inner tubes and gingerbread molds. The ceiling—which is my favorite part—features over 1,800 pieces of wood. All of this work was completed by 35 different artists and craftsmen. There’s a lot to look at, but it sure is beautiful.

Some people are wondering (and hoping) that this look will finally make its way into the coffee behemoth’s American stores. I can’t help but wonder how well that would work here in the States, where there are several shops in one community and the majority of those existing shops tend to be about the same size as the area that contains the community table (picture 3). Will this have the same charm and whimsy in a significantly smaller size? And can they afford to outfit ALL of the American Starbucks’ with handmade goods? Sure, they could make all new stores larger and give those stores the same look and feel, but I think this might just be exclusive to Europe.


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